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The Story Of Leong Ka Sauce

Leong Ka Sauce was found by Ah Huat, a chef from a small fish village. Chef Ah Huat established the brand is to gratitude his mother’s cooking skill. He started to learn cooking from his mother since he was 10 years old. With his hardworking and intelligent, he was a main chef in a restaurant at 16 years old. For the past 23 years, he went to different restaurant to learn and exchange skill. As a result, he gained tons of experiences and extraordinary talent on sauce ingredient Leong Ka Sauce was the first product in 2013 after discussion with his wife. He resolutely decided to invest his hard savings in the business, in order to allow more people to enjoy and appreciate the traditional taste.
Chef Ah Huat initially distribute his sauce to familiar restaurants as their kitchen sauce. He distribute the sauce to professional chef who take their ingredient seriously. Most of these chef praise for the tasty flavor and good quality ingredient . Leong Ka Food Sauce business gradually developed and began its journey.

The sauce journey never go smoothly when the cost of raw material rising up. Chef Ah Huat choose to remained virtually unchanged. However these restaurant looking towards for cheaper ingredients. From this crisis, he loses almost all his restaurant customers. Even facing the risk of bankruptcy after losing the mainstream customer, he still not giving up his dream. With the support and encouragement from his wife, he keep on the journey.

Fortunately, from a sudden popularity and consumer request, Leong Ka Sauce get through the most difficult moments. This had proof the sincerity and traditional taste of Leong Ka Sauce remains on consumer’s mind.
Time go by, Leong Ka Sauce was recognized by more and more people. From first produced in few bottles until now with more than 30,000 bottles of sauce monthly. Today, nearly 5 years later, Leong Ka Sauce, the basic recipe, the process by which it’s made, remain unchanged and the ingredients remain on chef Ah Huat own selection. Every bottle of Leong Ka Sauce has been made with love and determination to continue his traditional taste. From his 23 years of experiences you can easily cook for your family with full of love and traditional taste.